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Memoryformat is a netlabel that distributes electronic music freely since 2006. Although all details for a release, from conception and production to mastering and distribution, are dealt with in a similar fashion to commercial releases, the main difference to the traditional, commercial model is the free distribution of what we believe is exceptional music, mainly via the internet. Memoryformat is not just about giving away free mp3s. The fact that the released works are offered free of charge is just a consequence of the fact that we are not interested in putting price tags on audio works. Memoryformat is about permanently storing tunes on listeners’ memory.

Memoryformat’s output is not limited to one genre but not every genre is suitable for memoryformat. Please take this into account when sending us your demo. The most appropriate word to describe the sound we’re after would be ‘challenging’. The best way to understand what memoryformat is about is to listen to the online releases.

If you like the music available on this website, consider supporting the artists who made it. You can support them by buying their releases on commercial labels, go to one of their shows or just send them a message to let them know you like their work.

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The music distributed through this website is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License


Stefanos Kourtis - founder / head honcho / one man gang
info[AT NOSPAM]memoryformat[DOT]net


Pridon - mastering
Tipsy - web assistance, promotion and being-there-ness

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