GDaddieGDaddie (born Michael Papoulakos) is an electronic music producer without any precise orientation from Athens, Greece. His first attempts at producing were highly influenced by the jazz, funk and rock sounds of the ’60s and ’70s combining beats and bass sounds from the Bristol area of the late ’90s. His first EP “Gone” was released by Dusted Wax Kingdom in 2009 under the alias “Gonex3″ (3-times-gone) and received good reviews from the local press and worldwide webzines, and thus giving the opportunity to participate in festivals like the International Film Festival in Thessaloniki and the STFU festival in Heidelberg. In the annual list of best Greek artist releases in webzine Gone EP reached No. 5. His second EP “The Truth” (January 2011), again released on DWK, was a transitional release, released under a new alias, a slight turn into more psychedelic soundscapes and a much heavier approach on beats and trippy basslines.

GDaddie has also appeared on memoryformat as Bad Ratio, dropping an apocalyptic hurricane of breakbeats, metal riffs and ragga vocals in mfm06.

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Liveset for Paranoise radio, March 2011 (47 mins | 87 mb)


Interview for Ough!

Interview for Athens Voice (greek)

“Η διακεκριμένη δειγματοληψία (…) πείθει πως ο GDaddie το ξέρει «το τόπι». Τρομπέτες, κρουστά, μελωδικά μινιμαλιστικά φωνητικά, αλλά και rough beats, εν μέσω κάποιων πιο εύηχων, απροσδιόριστά θετικά vibes και καλή διάθεση. Still ain’t got the blues?” - vibe rated

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