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Tokyo MaskTokyo Mask is the one man project of Kostas Karamitas, a student of Electrical Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece. The project was given birth to in 2000, first release ‘Backbone’ came out in 2005. Since then he has been using his personal code of post-industrial ethics to explore the dark (=charming) side of the human animal.

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Tokyo Mask produces the most eerie, dark and almost ghoulishly sombre trip hop imaginable. An echoing construction of various layers of noise, keyboards, static interference, rain sounds and lots of sounds that aren’t but have the effect of rain, and very big beats. And I mean really big beats. Vast and monstrously expanding drums and snares, ornamented with some glitches here and there, that move slowly but steadily from fade in to fade out. - Monochrom

Guttural beats growl while sludge-laden vocal effects struggle to break free of the mire. Echoes of Scorn, Mothboy and Godflesh even surge through Tokyo Mask, but there’s both more and less here: more static, less movement. - Igloo

(…) despite his sound’s primal qualities – its grinding power and stinging claustrophobia – a certain penetrable, loose, even strangely ambient aesthetic remains ever-present, with each listen granting a new, slightly tilted perspective. - Cyclic Defrost

(…) his main source of influence are avantgarde noise and ghoulish dub – even if they, too, have only left faint traces on the simple but incredibly hypnotic beats, leaning on straightforward hihatpatterns and a plentitude of tiny polyrhythmic percussive particles, as well as streaks of sinister drones, which are occasionally left to pulsate on
their own for a few minutes.
- Tokafi

In general, Tokyo Mask’s music presents a harrowing and nightmarish dub mutation that simulates a disorientated Opium-induced state. - Textura

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