Voronoi Tessellations of Inner Self (part 1)

Eskaei - Voronoi Tessellations of Inner Self part 1

“Each of the featured tracks is a distinct piece of a person’s soundscape. Each tune also constitutes an abstract piece, a combination of certain experiences or mind phases projected onto a fraction of sound and connected to it more closely than to any other sound. The mixing is done conversely: the abstract pieces are first combined in order to give a representative impression of the subjectively experienced reality. They can be thought of as a puzzle of experiences that, when completed, fills a plane that signifies a life period. Then the corresponding sound pieces are put together according to the order of their abstract counterparts, thus forming the respective sound plane. Once the abstract pieces fill the plane, the sound mixing is completed.”

This is the first part of a series of mixes by Eskaei, comprised mostly of selections from the netlabel scene collected during the last couple of years. Moody atmospherics progressively give their place to pleasant melodies, while a background of slow broken beats is maintained throughout the mix.


Voronoi Tessellations of Inner Self (part 1) ( V0 mp3 | 42 mins | 69mb zipped )


8yone - Glück [BOLT037] (Boltfish Recordings)
Relative Q - Your Distant Eyes [ONE02] (One)
Max Draztic - Citadel [DADA145] (Dadaist Audio)
11t1 - Everything You Do Is Haiku [HC193] (Hippocamp)
Ascalaphe - Millions Of Images (Aeons Mmx) [AH012] (Archaic Horizon)
Sintetic Collage - Hidden Recollections (Rumorse’s Bay Of Fires Remix) [CL020] (Crazy Language)
Ecoplan - Cats On The Roof [AER002] (Aerotone)
Bitbasic - Fractal Pants [FOEM017] (FOEM)
Tomáš Dvořák - Nanorobot Tune [IFX001] (Inner_fx)
Preston - Padroy [CRN015] (Cold Room)
Jimmy The Hideous Penguin - Please Know [TFN-D] (n0theen)


Mixed and recorded by Eskaei at mfm headquarters using open-source software
Photography by Stella Christouli

Comment from: Mathias Gorf (8yone) [Visitor] · http://8yone.com
This is a fine mix, thanks for including 'Glück'!
29/03/10 @ 19:23

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