The Scene Is Not Down With Me

mfm04artist: J-chot mfm05
released: 29 April 2007

May I ask you a question, friend? If you were to die tonight, would you be prepared to stand before your creator? That’s a tough question for certain, but there’s someone who can help you answer that question with a confident “Yes!". Allow me to introduce my best friend, J-chot. J-chot entered this world as a helpless human baby, just like you and me. He’s known joy and happiness as well as sorrow and loss, so he understands what you’re going through. J-chot is waiting patiently at the door of your ears, ready for the day you’ll accept his EP “The Scene Is Not Down With Me” and experience breakcore to the fullest. Remember, J-chot’s EP is a free gift; there’s nothing you and I could do to earn it. The only thing J-chot requests of you in return for this priceless gift is your simple obedience in buying a t-shirt for 14 US dollars, shipping included. Accept J-chot’s free EP “The Scene Is Not Down With Me” right now and make today the beginning of your new life in breakcore. And remember to share the good new of J-chot with your loved ones.

P.S. John’s working on a bad-ass house album next!


zip archive #1 ( V0 vbr mp3 | 41mb total )
zip archive #2 ( flac | 147mb total )


Famous Quotes & Video Clips (flac)
Dude Seriously WTF? (flac)
The Scene Is Not Down With Me (flac)
ADHD ODB & The Devil (flac)
Cops Never Shut Down My Raves Because They Know My Music Will Drive Everyone Off (flac)

Total running time: 20 minutes


all tracks written and produced by J-chot
artwork by J-chot

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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