Lowend Psychopathology

mfm09 frontartist: Tokyo Mask
cat.no: mfm09
release date: April 15th, 2009

The following archive describes a mental malfunction caused by a long period of sleep deprivation. The subject is experiencing temporary breakdowns of the brain’s cognitive system, which lead to hallucination. Although the subject has conscious awareness of the environment, fictitious situations unravel in the subject’s subconscious and intertwine with reality, to the point where they become indistinguishable. Sometimes the subject is under the impression that there’s a presence or movement of other beings in the same space and tries to interact with them. The subject’s reactions suggest that ambient sounds are disproportionally amplified within the brain and a non-existent, low-pitched growl is heard and felt very intensely.


zip archive #1 ( V0 vbr mp3 | 39mb )
zip archive #2 ( flac | 118mb )


Your Passport, Sir (flac)
Obsession One (flac)
Obsession Two (flac)
Rusty Demons (flac)
If You Are So Inclined (flac)

Total running time: 32 minutes


All tracks written, produced & mastered by Tokyo Mask
Cover artwork by Ultragrim disign

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


“Tokyo Mask’s latest outing for Memoryformat.net entitled Lowend Psychopathology does exactly what it sets to accomplish; Cold Meat Industry-flavored dark ambience with a pinch of elevated basslines gone awry. “Obsession One,” the featured track –and its sister “Obsession Two,” both cultivate a groove that is unlike any other. Fine tuned transmissions of tempered quality brush up against subtle 4/4 beats, rusted drones and dismayed frequencies amounting to a fluid work of audio art. While somewhat difficult to describe in print, Tokyo Mask unleashes what could only be termed as disturbingly delightful mayhem.” - Igloomag

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